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Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes!

If someone would have bet me a couple of years ago, when I had multiple tubes inserted throughout my body that I would live to see another birthday I wouldn’t have took that bet. However I am alive and stronger than ever thanks for the most part by the good Lord above. Once again thank you all! Joe Laws

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Article on about Vanderbilt featuring Dr. Richard Miller

Vanderbilt Marks 25 Years of Highest Trauma Center Capability as Reported by Ian Reitz and excerpt published with permission from This is an impressive article showcasing the emergency room at Vanderbilt where Joe Laws was treated and interviews Dr. Richard Miller, the physician that treated Joe. NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Vanderbilt University Medical...

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Article in “Real Answers Real Authors”

Author Joe Laws Survives Death – A True Story of Thanksgiving This excerpt is taken directly from an article and was given permission to duplicate it in part by the author from “It’s just not your time yet, Little Joe…” Joe Laws is a man used to fixing things.  After all, he’s fixed robots, water pumps, conveyors, and...

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